Effective Learning Models Nowadays

Effective Learning Models Nowadays

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What kind of teaching methods are appropriate for the student’s needs and the demands of the times in era 5.0? This is the biggest question for us as a teacher. Following the dynamic development of the curriculum, we as teachers must always keep up with the times. Teachers are required to be "literate in technology" to face the progress of the times.

What kind of learning model is appropriate for high school students? Effective and efficient learning is determined by using suitable learning models. We know that General High School and Vocational High School are different. The demands of graduates are also different. Vocational students are required to continue being workers or entrepreneurs, which is different from general high school. Sometimes the learning model applied in Vocational High School is neither appropriate nor targeted for the needs of the work industry. Based on these problems, one of the alternative learning models applied to vocational level learning is the Project-based learning (PjBL) model.

Project-based learning (PjBL) is a learning approach that allows students to work independently to construct their learning (new knowledge and skills) and culminate it in real products. Applying the Project-based learning (PjBL) model in Vocational Schools seeks to improve the quality of learning with the intention that learning outcomes can be directly used and produce products. So that vocational students can immediately get work experience in their chosen major.

8 Vocational High School Semarang as “Centre of Excellence” will start implementing the Project-based learning (PjBL) learning model partially this year. This learning model will be introduced in class X, applied in class XI, and the results will be exhibited in class XII. This is intended so that 8 Vocational High School Semarang can produce qualified and competent graduates in their fields. Several attempts have been made to realize this learning model. One of them held Project-based learning (PjBL) workshop, which was attended by the entire academic community (teachers and staff) of 8 Vocational High School Semarang. This workshop presented experts who have successfully implemented project-based learning in their sectors. One of them is Mrs. Wening Sukmanawati, S.Pd., M.Pd (Head of 4 Vocational High School Surakarta) and Mr. Komariyanto, S.Pd (Public Relations of 7 Vocational High School Semarang).

8 Vocational High School has five majors that have started implementing the project-based learning model. Social Care major has implemented two projects that will become its project-based learning products; Serving healthy food for the elderly and making educational games for children. Multimedia major determines the project of making "Digital Marketing for UMKM" as a project-based learning product. Software Engineering major makes the application "Si Amala 8", an attendance system application as a project-based learning product. Computer and Network Engineering major applies the project-based learning model by targeting CCTV installations as the main project-based learning product. Caregiver, who is a sectoral "Center of excellence" at 8 Vocational High School, applies the project-based learning teaching model for the program of ADL (Activity Daily Living), which is bathing the elderly, changing the linens for the elderly, and physically examining the elderly. These various project-based learning products are intended to train and prepare students to be experienced in the industrial world.


Ever Nicolas, S.Pd