Education Transition In The Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic

Education Transition In The Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Beginning in 2020 we were shocked by a new virus called Corona Virus or the term ( COVID-19 ) virus that attacks the human respiratory system , which was discovered in November 2019 ,precisely in the city of Wuhan,China .

This incident is increasingly widespread in Wuhan society many victims have fallen . This virus is extraordinary ,only in the last 3 months,this virus has claimed thousands of lives,even now it’s not only in China that has the highest level of outbreaks but has overtaken other countries such as Italy,Iran,and South Korea,and followed oyher countries , such as Indonesia,Britain,Japan,the United States,Germany,and other countries .

In Indonesia,the government issued and provided several policies regarding yhe COVID-19 outbreak. One of them is prohibition of people gathering and doing activities outside the home , and advocating to stay at home “Stay at home,worship at through physical contact .

One of the governments  instruction about activities at home is learning acivities. Teaching and learning activities are moved at home , but must still be controlled by the teacher or a lecturer and parents,using distance learning ( online learning ) . The learning process experienced throughout a human’s life can apply wherever and whenever . The interaction between students and teachers does occur but through cyberspace,virtual,or interactions occur using technological devices such as computer,notebook,and mobile-phone .

Online learning is applied by all students ranging from elementary school to tertiary level , and this is not only happening in Indonesia,even almost  all  over the world carry out learning by E-learning.

However , online learning has pros and cons of opinion in our society.

Some of our society say that learning process  by online learning , the students will get another knowledge that they never get or even think before.

Unfortunately, students and parents, especially those who are in elementary schools, are not satisfied with the learning process. There are some reasons that make it happens.

First, students and parents are not ready with the sudden changes in its learning process. Secondly, some families have problems in providing devices and supporting environment for online learning.

Then, most teachers cannot teach the students effectively by using online method. Based on these reasons, it is better to reopen the school.

Therefore, recently these days, our government  support to re-open the school by applying some options emerges such as imposing a shifting system, limiting the number of students, and implementing existing health protocols .

Moreover, most teachers have been  vaccinated ,as well as the students,especially for high school students.Thus, learning process can return to its normal condition gradually

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